Pain & Depression

After an injury to the back it is not uncommon for a person to fall into a state of depression. The restrictions and discomfort that a back injury places on the individual may cause stress to the point where their situation seems to be hopeless. Doctors will in most cases prescribe some form of pain medication. Some of the the more potent pain relievers can become addictive. This leaves the individual with two problems instead of one. Most of these medications are processed through the liver and can do damage especially Acetaminophen in high dosages.

When any drug is processed through the liver it stresses the liver. Milk Thistle and Vitamin B6 help maintain a Healthy liver, but always take the B Vitamins in a complex since they all work together. Please refer to my section on Nutrition where Vitamins and Herbs are concerned.

Many of the new anti-depressive medications have the ability to help individuals cope with back pain and depression. I would advise anyone who is depressed due to stress or permanent injury to see their family doctor for advice. Since this is not usually the general practitioners area of expertise they will need to refer you to a psychiatrist. Please do not hesitate to seek help. I believe you will never regret it. Most of these anti-depressants raise serotonin levels which will make you feel better about your situation and also give you the boost to do something about it.

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